Staff Directories

Name Department Title Location Phone Email

Ray Ackey

Residence Life Residence Director Langley Hall 603-271-6484 x4378 [email protected]

Stephen Adams

Maintenance Facilities Services Assistant III Maintenance 603-230-4062 [email protected]

Rebecca Adey-Merrithew

Online Learning Online Learning Program Mentor Student Center 234 603-230-8469 [email protected]

Debra Albrecht

Allied Dental Professor MacRury Hall 144 603-271-6484 x4255 [email protected]

Mathew Arbo-Watson

Campus Safety Safety and Security Officer III [email protected]

Lisa Armes , MSN, DNP

Nursing Associate Professor Grappone Hall 214 603-603-271-6484 x4417 [email protected]

Jessica Arzu

Maintenance Facilities Services Assistant III Maintenance 603-230-4062 [email protected]

Shaunna Babcock

Early Childhood Education, Early Care and Education for Young Children with Disabilities, and Child and Family Studies Professor Grappone Hall 222 603-271-6484 x4192 [email protected]

Lee Ann Baillargeon

Maintenance Facilities Services Assistant III Maintenance 603-271-6484 x4062 [email protected]

Jennifer Bartlett

Maintenance Facilities Services Assistant III Maintenance 603-230-4062 [email protected]

Debra Beauregard

Workready Program Assistant Farnum Hall 107A 603-271-6484 x4426 [email protected]

Jessica Beckwith

Counseling Counselor Student Center 103 603-271-6484 x4150 [email protected]

Todd Bedell

Technology Services Director of Technology and Media Services Sweeney Hall 107 603-271-6484 x4420 [email protected]

Laurie Belanger

Student Success Student Conduct Coordinator Student Center 603-271-6484 x4292 [email protected]

Jeff Beltramo

Engineering Technologies Program Coordinator/Professor Little Hall 121 603-271-6484 x4111 [email protected]

Aleta Billadeau , MSM

Nursing Professor, NURS 117 Coordinator Grappone Hall 216 603-271-6484 x4428 [email protected]

Mark Bograd

Running Start | Student Success Coordinator of High School Initiatives/Outreach Learning Commons Library 603-230-4029 [email protected]

Kristine Boland

Bursar Bursar Sweeney Hall 114 603-271-6484 x4119 [email protected]

Kristin Bouchard

Maintenance Facilities Services Assistant III Maintenance 603-230-4062 [email protected]

Marsha Bourdon

President's Office Business Affairs Officer Little Hall 100 603-230-8611 [email protected]

Sharon Bowden

Academic Center for Excellence Assistant Learning Commons Library 153 603-271-6484 x4183 [email protected]

Robert Bowen

Maintenance Manager of College Facilities Business Office 603-271-6484 x4120 [email protected]

Madison Bowen

Bursar Business Office Technician [email protected]

Cheryl Boyd Bruhm

Allied Dental Supervising Dentist MacRury Hall 603-230-4000 ext. 4141 [email protected]

Jennifer Brace , MSN

Nursing Professor, NURS 116 Coordinator Grappone Hall 216 603-271-6484 x4318 [email protected]

Mariana Braga

Allied Dental Supervising Dentist [email protected]

Justis Brown

Academic Advising | Academic Center for Excellence Academic Center for Excellence Program Assistant Learning Commons Library 603-271-6484 x4117 [email protected]

Todd Calder

Maintenance Facilities Maintenance Supervisor II Maintenance [email protected]

Marianne Cameron

Academic Advising Academic Advising Center Program Assistant Learning Commons Library [email protected]

Tiffany Campbell

Academics and Workforce Education Administrative Assistant to Workforce Development Center Student Center 234 603-230-4022 [email protected]

Tammy Caruso

Maintenance Facilities Maintenance Supervisor I Maintenance 603-271-6484 x4237 [email protected]

Lisa Centrella

Allied Dental Professor, Clinical Coordinator MacRury Hall 154 603-271-6484 x4250 [email protected]

Caroline Chaput

Academic Advising Admissions Counselor Learning Commons Library 131 603-271-6484 x4349 [email protected]

Christie Cho , MLIS

Learning Commons Library Director of Learning Commons Learning Commons Library 126 603-230-6484 x4201 [email protected]

Adam Clark

Maintenance Maintenance Mechanic II Maintenance 603-230-4062 [email protected]

Troy Colby

Business Business Office Supervisor [email protected]

William Comeau

Campus Safety Chief Security Officer [email protected]

Aaron Conn

Business, Accounting, Hospitality, Information Technology and Sports Management Department Chair Sweeney Hall 306 603-271-6484 x4143 [email protected]

Kerry Cook

Mathematics and Physics Professor Little Hall 203 603-271-6484 x4346 [email protected]

Robert Cormier

Academic Advising Academic Advisor Learning Commons [email protected]